Washington State Store Sold Three Lottery Jackpot Tickets in One Week

Groceries. Pharmacy supplies. Beer. Takeaway coffee. And three massive lottery jackpots.

That’s what Yoke’s Fresh Market in Spokane Valley, Washington, had on offer over one week at the end of April.

The Washington Lottery this week revealed that the Argonne Village store sold $4.95 million of jackpot-winning lottery tickets between April 17 and April 24. 

The store earned nearly $50K in bonuses for workers across the three jackpots. 

“When the staff at Yoke’s Fresh Market found out they had sold the jackpot winning ticket the next day, they were all very excited and shocked,” the Washington Lottery said in a press release. 

“They plan to have a small get-together in the store with the entire team to celebrate.”

Powerball Winners

Yoke’s Fresh Market is located in a shopping precinct on Montgomery Ave in the Spokane Valley in eastern Washington, near the state line with Idaho. 

The first winner hit on April 17. The Powerball win was the biggest of the three at $4.6 million. The store earned a $46,000 bonus off that win alone. 

The winner, who matched five numbers but not the Powerball, was a local Newman Lake resident who gave the name J.H. 

The second two wins came on the same day a week later. First was a Washington Lottery exclusive Hit5 Quick Pick ticket which came in for $165,000 on that week’s draw.

The same day, Yoke’s also sold a $200,000 winning Powerball ticket. The winner, who gave their name as M.L., hit three numbers and the Powerball for a $50,000 base prize. However, a fortuitous $1 multiplier purchase on the ticket bumped that up to $200,000. 

M.H told Lottery officials he plans to give a substantial amount of his winnings away to his granddaughter, who is graduating from college this year. 

Jackpot Locations

As well as those wins of $4.95 million, Yoke’s also celebrated 22 years of business in its current location on May 2. 

“We love to celebrate our retailers with selling bonuses when they sell jackpot-winning tickets like this, and with this specific location, it’s an even bigger treat due to the fact that they sold three big winners within a week,” the Lottery said in a statement. 

The Spokane Valley area is not the only part of the U.S. to recently experience multiple lottery winners. Between March 27 and Monday, April 1, some $13 million in winning tickets were purchased at stores in a 20-mile radius in the Chicago suburbs.

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