UK Couple Hits £200K Lottery Win after Husband Asked Wife to Stop Playing

A married couple from Cambridgeshire, England, are £200,000 (US $158,000) richer after hitting big on the country’s Postcode Lottery game. 

However, the couple revealed that husband Jonny repeatedly told his wife Sally to stop playing the game two months prior. But she didn’t, and that decision ended up in their £200K win. 

The couple shared a £1 million prize with five other neighbors on their street. The Postcode Lottery is a weekly subscription lottery game where players vie for a chance of their postcode (that’s zip code to U.S. readers) being picked to win prizes. 

One of the games is called Millionaire Street. It sees one UK postcode a month picked to share £1 million between any residents signed up in that area. 

The Winners 

The winning postcode for the July Millionaire Street draw was PE15 9LU, which is in the village of March in the county of Cambridgeshire. 

Five households on one secluded suburban street won the £1 million prize, splitting it for £200,000 each. 

Husband and wife Jonny and Sally were even more thankful for their win, as Jonny had nearly convinced his wife to cancel their subscription to the lottery game just a month prior. 

“I said to her that she should cancel it two months ago, but she never listens to me,” Jonny said, speaking to The Postcode Lottery. 

“Now I’m glad she ignored me. I would have been crying today.”

The couple said they plan to spend their winnings on a trip to Disney World Florida. But not until next year, as Sally says the family already has a holiday booked to Benidorm this year. They also said they’d buy their cat, Loki, some new toys. 

“Oh my God! I didn’t think it would be that much. You have no idea how much this means to me. I had some bubbly in the fridge just in case,” Sally said. 

“We would like to stay in March. All my family are here. We would also like to take the kids to Florida.”

Family Fortunes 

In other recent lottery news involving couples, one pair of British police officers in Cambridgeshire also hit a £1 million National Lottery prize. 

Graeme and Katherine White decided to stay in their jobs, at reduced hours, citing their civil pride and their desire to set an example for their children. 

Across the pond in Annapolis, Maryland, an American couple mistakenly bought two tickets with the same numbers back in April 2024. Only they ended up hitting two million dollar wins because of it.

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