Poker Vlogger Plans to Stake His Whole Year’s Earnings on One Las Vegas Roulette Spin

Chris Eyring is on a mission to make $500,000 in one year. And then turn it into a million by risking it all on red or black at a roulette table at a Las Vegas casino.

Eyring (pictured on the right) plans to hustle his budding poker career, all documented on YouTube, into $500,000. And then put it all on one spin in Sin City.

The New Hampshire-born vlogger has been playing cards since he was a youth. He grew up with poker around the house thanks to his brother. Kevin Eyring has had a reasonable low stakes career, with total earnings of $24,000, according to poker database Hendon Mob.

“The goal is to have $500,000 at the end of the year, and however much I have at the end of the year on December 31st, I’m just gonna put it on red or black,” the younger Eyring said recently. 

Gambling Vloggers 

Back in the heyday of online poker, before the Black Friday shutdown of several well-known offshore poker sites in 2011, most new poker players found the game through high stakes tournaments. 

However, in 2024, internet culture has changed the game. Popular poker vloggers like Rampage, Ryan Depaulo, and Wolfgang have made poker into more than just spectating the game.

They document multiple aspects of their poker career, package it up with highly clickable thumbnails and optimized titles, and boom!

Now, even established pros have gotten in on the vlogging. Six-time World Series of Poker winner Daniel Negreanu became one of the biggest poker vloggers over the past few years. But that ended as his gameplay suffered, and the Hall of Famer lost $2 million in tournaments over 2023. (Although he has since returned with intent in 2024.)

Which brings us to another point – poker vloggers can make a lot of money. Gambling with high stakes that equal an average family’s yearly salary is inherently exciting to watch.

When you add a dose of vlogger internet personality, hyperactive editing, and luxury lifestyle to the mix, you’ve got a winner. 

Eyring’s Mission

This was how Eyring got his start in the world of poker YouTube. The then-teenager was editing a Rainbow Six Seige video for his previous YouTube channel when he saw an Ethan “Rampage Poker” Yau video pop up on his second monitor. 

Not only was Rampage’s personality and content engaging, but at the end of the video, he revealed his yearly earnings from his channel.

Six years ago, that was $100K a year. Compared to his professional career earnings from 2019 to now of $2.459 million, $100K a year from YouTube ad revenue alone is still a significant amount.  

Eyring thinks he can leverage the popularity of his videos, which are currently getting around 150K views weekly, into $500K earnings in 2024. 

And then put it all on red or black at a Las Vegas casino, hoping to walk away a millionaire.

“Imagine going from less than nothing – I owe someone money right now – to having a million dollars within a year. That’d be sick,” he said.

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