Paris Las Vegas Sued Over Valet Parking Theft 

A woman who left her valet parking ticket in her Paris Las Vegas hotel room, only to see it and her $100,000 luxury Range Rover stolen, is now suing the casino’s operator, Caesars Entertainment.

Jennifer Marquecho says that Caesars acted negligently in not requiring an ID check on valet parking tickets. 

The Range Rover was eventually returned to Marquecho by police. However, personal items were stolen from the vehicle, and it had been severely damaged by the thieves. That included removing the number plate.

A lawsuit against Paris Las Vegas and Caesars Entertainment was filed in Clark County court late last week.

“For the invited guests of the hotel, it had a duty to safe-keep the property, which, in this case, would be a vehicle,” said attorney Eric Blank, handling the suit. 

Neither Caesars nor Paris Las Vegas have commented on the lawsuit so far. 

The Incident 

Marquecho was staying at Caesars Palace in June 2022. She checked in her Range Rover at the valet parking, and received a ticket. 

Upon arriving at her room, she found the safe was broken. So she left her valet parking ticket in a bedside table drawer. 

However, when she returned, the ticket was gone. Upon heading to the parking garage, she was informed that someone had claimed her car using the ticket hours before. 

Marquecho is asking for damages and payment for attorneys fees. The lawsuit alleges that, even if Caesars can prove that its valet parking procedures were up to scratch, that a working room safe could have helped avoid the incident. 

Previous Incidents 

Theft from valet parked cars is not an uncommon occurrence in Sin City. A similar incident occurred at Paris Las Vegas in March 2022, just months before the incident for which Marquecho is suing the casino.

Katie Francis was visiting the Las Vegas Strip property for the day. Upon returning to the parking garage, she couldn’t find a valet ticket. The valet staff told her that wouldn’t be a problem, as they had identification forms she could fill out.

However, while filling them out, Francis was shocked to recognize her car, driving off out of the garage.

Just moments before she got to the garage, the unknown person who had stolen or found her ticket had claimed the car. Francis didn’t get her car back for 10 days, at which point it was trashed and without a license plate. 

Speaking to 8NewsNow last year, police said they made two arrests. It is unclear if any charges were pressed.

Free valet parking used to be a staple of Sin City casinos. But as charges have mounted up, most guests now opt for self- parking.

Various casino resorts have also cut back on any kind of free parking in recent years, including most recently, Resorts World Las Vegas.

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