NFL’s International Series Features Five Games in 2024

Ahead of the NFL’s full schedule release, set for Wednesday night, May 15, the five games that the league will feature overseas have been revealed.

Week 1 (Friday): Green Bay Packers vs. Philadelphia Eagles – São Paulo, Brazil

The NFL is playing in South America for the first time, and they are playing a Friday game in Week 1 for the first time. It will feature two playoff teams from a year ago, the Green Bay Packers and Philadelphia Eagles.

This matchup was first announced in April, and the point spread of the Eagles -1.5 hasn’t changed since the betting began a month ago.

Week 5: New York Jets vs. Minnesota Vikings – London, England

London will see three games this season, beginning with Aaron Rodgers and the New York Jets (assuming he’s healthy) against the Minnesota Vikings at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. The Vikings begin a new era at quarterback, with Kirk Cousins having moved on to Atlanta, and last year’s national champion with Michigan, J.J. McCarthy, taking over.

This is Rodgers’ second trip internationally – he lost in 2022 to the New York Giants, 27-22 – but as a longtime member of the Packers, he has played the Vikings 29 previous times.

The Jets have opened as 3.5-point favorites.

Week 6: Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Chicago Bears – London, England

The Jacksonville Jaguars played in back-to-back weeks in London for the first time last year, winning both games. They are back in London for two games in 2024 for their 12th and 13th appearances overseas.

The Chicago Bears, on the other hand, have only played overseas twice, and not since 2019, when they lost to the Oakland Raiders, 24-21. The Bears started Chase Daniel at quarterback in that game, and it’s safe to say that there is a little more excitement surrounding this year’s starter, first overall pick Caleb Williams.

The Jags were a playoff team in 2022, and they have more experience than anyone when it comes to playing internationally. But the Bears are the early -0.5 favorite for the second game at Tottenham.

Week 7: New England Patriots vs. Jacksonville Jaguars – London, England

The third and final game in London takes place at Wembley Stadium, and in this game, the Jaguars will be the home team. They will act as the visitors against the Bears a week earlier.

It’s a new era for Jacksonville’s opponent, the New England Patriots. They have a new head coach in Jerod Mayo, and a new quarterback in No. 3 overall pick Drake Maye. The Patriots played in Germany last year, losing to the Indianapolis Colts. They beat the Raiders in Mexico in 2017. The last time they played in London was 2012, when they annihilated the St. Louis Rams, 45-7.

The Jaguars are underdogs in Week 6 against the Bears. But they are 5.5.-point favorites in Week 7 against the Patriots.

Week 10: New York Giants vs. Carolina Panthers – Munich, Germany

After two successful games in Germany last year, the NFL is down to just one in Germany this year. It will be a Week 10 game pitting the New York Giants against the Carolina Panthers.

As matchups go, this is a big downgrade for the games Germany has hosted. The first time Germany and Munich hosted an NFL game, they got Tom Brady in his final season. Last year in Frankfurt they got the Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins. In 2024, the game will feature two teams that were a combined 8-26 last year.

The opening odds have the Giants as 0.5-point favorites.

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