NFL Slot Machines’ First Progressive Jackpot Hits for $1.7M

The first official NFL-themed slot machines touched down at casino floors across the U.S. in August 2023. Eight months later, the Aristocrat-made game has minted its first millionaire. 

The jackpot winner gave his name only as Casey after scooping the $1.7 million top prize at an NFL Super Bowl Jackpot machine at Spirit Mountain Casino in Oregon.

Casey was drawn to the machine because he is an avid Atlanta Falcons fan and the game features an optional re-skin for fans of the Georgia franchise. Now that the jackpot has been won, it will reset nationwide to $1 million.

The Super Win 

On Monday, May 20, Casey was visiting Spirit Mountain Casino in Grande Ronde, Oregon, just across the state lines from his home. According to the press release from Australian game maker Aristocrat, Casey was celebrating his birthday weekend with a casino resort trip.

While on the casino floor, he decided to sit down at one of the new NFL Super Bowl Jackpot machines. A fortuitous decision, as shortly after, a $5 bet turned into $1.7 million. 

For several minutes, Casey thought he’d won $1,700, before being shocked to learn he’d hit 1,000 times that with the big jackpot. 

NFL Slots and Spirit Mountain Casino 

The NFL Super Bowl Jackpot machines are the first of several collaborations between the premier American football league and slot-maker Aristocrat. 

The move was announced last year before the machines debuted in August and rolled out nationwide through September. It was part of a resurgence in ties between pro sports teams and gambling operators, culminating in Super Bowl LVIII, the first NFL championship game to be held in Las Vegas. 

As well as the $1.7 million jackpot, NFL Super Bowl Jackpot features custom symbols and 32 different re-skins – one for each team in the league. Each skin has custom sounds and visuals, including stadium images, team logos, fan chants, and player and coach voice lines. Bonus rounds include training drill-themed free spins and a field goal kicking pick ‘em game. 

Since the release of Super Bowl Jackpots, Aristocrat has also rolled out NFL Overtime Cash and NFL Winning Drive. NFL Kick Off is due later this year. Prior to the official NFL collaboration there were, of course, dozens of other football-themed slots online and offline. Just this month, Light & Wonder released Quarterback Fields of Glory

Spirit Mountain Casino is the largest in Oregon. It is located 70 miles south of Portland, Oregon, and 30 miles west of Salem. It has a 90,000-square-foot casino floor featuring 2,000 slot machines and a dozen table games. 

In another recent story of luck in Oregon, a Portland cancer patient was announced as the winner of early April’s $1.3 billion Powerball jackpot.

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