Michigan Lottery Winners Hit $500K Wins After Tarot Reading and Seeing Movie Lookalike 

Each month, the Michigan lottery documents dozens of stories of big winners in the state’s lottery. However, two particularly coincidental stories came through this month. 

First, on April 12, a 59-year-old woman from Genesee County hit a $500,000 winning scratch-off ticket. That happened just hours after visiting a tarot card reader who told her she would be seeing money in her life very soon.

Sure, that’s a very broad statement. But the winning woman, who chose to remain unnamed, said that she believed the power of the Tarot was behind her win.

Just a week later, also in Genesee County, a 26-year-old resident also hit a $500,000 scratch-off win. He had just finished a movie in which a character he said looked like him bought a winning lottery ticket. 

This Changed My Life 

The April 12 winning ticket was a 50x Wild Time instant scratch-off game. It was purchased in Fenton, Michigan, at the BP Gas Station on West Thompson Road. 

The purchaser was on her way to a tarot reading at the time. She said she normally bought her lottery tickets from the same store. But on this particular day, she tried the BP Gas Station instead. 

“During my tarot reading, I was told money would be coming into my life very soon. I tried to think of ways this might happen. But I didn’t even think about the lottery tickets in my purse,” the 59-year-old told the Michigan Lottery. 

Later that night, she scratched-off the ticket to reveal her big win. 

“Much to my surprise, I revealed a prize of $500,000! I tried to remain calm, but I knew right then and there this had just changed my life,” she said. 

Her plans for the winnings include paying off her car, going on a world cruise with a lucky friend, and investing what is left. 

Doppleganger Inspiration 

Just a week later, only 20 miles away in Flint, Michigan, another lucky player hit a $500,000 scratch-off top prize. This time, it was done on a Lucky No.13 game, purchased at E-Z Stop Food Mart on North Saginaw Street in Flint.

The 26-year-old Genesee County resident also chose to remain anonymous. However, he did tell the lottery what inspired him to buy his ticket that day. 

“I was watching a movie and the main character won big on a lottery ticket. The main character was my look-alike, so I took it as a sign to go buy a ticket,” he told lottery officials. He did not reveal what particular movie this was.

With his winnings, the man says he plans to take care of his family first, including his young children. And then, maybe, a vacation.

This news is not the only case of two scratch-off winners hitting big prizes within a few miles of each other in the same time period. Last week, two people in Massachusetts hit separate $4 million top prize wins within two weeks of each other, bought at stores just 60 miles apart.

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