Massachusetts Lottery Winner Hits Two $1M Prizes in 10 Weeks 

Christine Wilson of Attleborough, Massachusetts, has joined the enviable list of those people who have won two significant jackpot lottery prizes.

First, she hit the top $1 million prize on a Lifetime Millions scratch-off on February 23. Then, in early May, she bought a 100x Cash instant ticket and won a further big prize of $1 million. Both winning tickets were purchased at a convenience stores in Mansfield, Massachusetts.

Wilson opted for the lower lump sum payment of $650,000 both times, instead of the full amount split over 30 yearly sums. 

The Winning Tickets 

Wilson purchased the February winning ticket from Dubs’s Liquors and Fine Wines in the center of Mansfield, a suburb south of the Boston metro area. 

The second ticket was bought at the Family Food Mart, also in Mansfield, just 1.7 miles away. Each store also received a $10,000 bonus for selling the jackpot-winning ticket. 

Wilson told the Massachusetts Lottery she has already purchased a new SUV with the first ticket winnings, and plans to invest the second million dollars.

Wilson also said she plans to continue playing the Lottery after her second win. After all, that main $4 million top prize for 100x Cash is still available.

Maybe she might join the hallowed ranks of those who’ve hit three lottery jackpots in their lifetime, which is an even more exclusive club than double winners.

Two-Time Lottery Winners 

Earlier in 2024, an anonymous couple from Maryland won two $1 million Powerball lottery prizes on the same draw. 

Last year, New York resident Wayne Murray hit the second of two $10 million lottery jackpots in just one year of his life. 

He claimed he was still thinking of ways to spend the previous massive win when he hit the second. 

In terms of three or more, only a few can claim to have done so. One is Joan R. Ginther of Texas. A former Stanford University math professor, she hit four lottery jackpots totalling $40 million between 1993 and 2018.

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