Elon Musk’s The Boring Company Damaged Vegas Monorail, Clark County Says 

The company behind the Las Vegas Loop underground roadway transit system has been accused of damaging the Vegas Monorail during its construction activities.

The Boring Company was founded by the world’s second-richest man, Elon Musk. It is currently in the process of expanding its futuristic, high-speed, driverless vehicle-based public transit system under Sin City. 

However, it was revealed this week that Clark County has issued multiple violations to The Boring Company over damage done to structural support beams for the Monorail during Boring’s construction of the Las Vegas Convention Center to the Westgate Casino line of the Loop.

Both violations occurred on Westgate Casino property. On both occasions, Clark County officials were forced to suspend the Monorail for several hours while the accidental damage was assessed. 

The Incidents 

The construction damage occurred over two instances in 2023, one in July and one in October. 

In the first incident, a construction worker using a SANY excavator machine accidentally cut away a section of embankment covering the bottom of the monorail column.

This could potentially have exposed it to further damage. The Monorail continued to carry thousands of passengers for several hours before Clark County was informed and decided to cease Monorail operations. 

A third-party engineering firm then came in to assess the damage to ensure safe operation. They determined that the exposed areas needed to be covered to ensure structural integrity. 

So, the Monorail remained closed for the rest of that day. It didn’t open again until 7.30 p.m. the next day, after the embankment was refilled with cement. The closure would have disrupted journeys for thousands of passengers, including commuters working at Las Vegas Strip casinos.

In the second incident in October, a Clark County inspector reported more exposed Monorail support columns. Although on this occasion, the damage was not deemed significant after assessment, and the transit system was only suspended for one hour. 

However, these incidents are just two examples of various safety concerns that have been brought up during the Vegas Loop construction. 

Safety Concerns

Earlier this year, an investigation by Fortune revealed dozens of former workers at the company who were less-than-impressed with safety practices. 

Several claimed they had been injured during construction in what they felt were the results of disregard for worker safety. Others said that pressure to get the Loop expanding as quickly as possible led to cutting corners with procedures on site. 

The Boring Company plans to expand the Las Vegas Loop to a dozen stations and lines over the next decade.

The Vegas Monorail, as one of the most-used public transit systems in Sin City, is the Loop’s main competitor. It carries some 10,000 passengers a day on average, mostly at a fair height above the city streets. 

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