Donald Trump Promises Casino Tips Tax Cut During Las Vegas Rally

Donald Trump spoke at a 2024 presidential campaign rally on Sunday in Las Vegas, his first campaign trail appearance since becoming the only former President to also be a convicted felon.

Thousands of people turned out to see Trump in the scorching midday Nevada heat. During his hour-long speech, Trump promised to cut taxes on tips given to service workers in Sin City. 

“When I get to the office, we are going to not charge taxes on tips,” he said. 

“We’re going to do that right away, first thing in the office, because it’s been a point of contention for years and years and years, and you do a great job of service. You take care of people, and I really think it’s deserved.”

As well as service workers tips, Trump also discussed his opponent Joe Biden’s faults, shark attacks, teleprompters, the mainstream media, Hilary Clinton, and his recent conviction for falsifying business records. However, his main focus was immigration. 

During the rally, half a dozen spectators had to be escorted out with heat stroke symptoms. 

Tips Tax 

Trump’s promise to slash the current tax system for tips is part of a focus on Nevada in 2024 for Trump. The Silver State has seen a narrowing gap between winning Democrats and Republicans in the past two decades. 

This policy had “never been bought up before,” Trump concluded, before swiftly moving on to talking about electric cars, IndyCar racing, and ISIS.

Less than an hour after Trump’s statement on tips, the powerful Culinary Workers Union Las Vegas chapter issued a response.

There are some 300,000 service industry workers in Las Vegas, and the Culinary Union represents roughly 75,000 of them. The Union did not pull any punches stating its stance on Trump’s promise. 

“For decades, the Culinary Union has fought for tipped workers’ rights and against unfair taxation,” said Culinary secretary treasurer Ted Pappageorge in a statement.

“Relief is definitely needed for tip-earners. But Nevada workers are smart enough to know the difference between real solutions and wild campaign promises from a convicted felon.”

Trump’s Trail 

Trump has been focusing on various southwest U.S. states in his election campaigning this year. 

That included recently securing potentially hundreds of millions in campaign funding from Las Vegas-based casino billionaire Miriam Adelson, and courting Silicon Valley investors in California.

Across the U.S., polling indicates Trump has a roughly 5% lead over President Biden nationally. However, some experts believe that the effect of Trump’s recent felony charges have not yet filtered through in the polls.

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