Delaware Park Casino Sees Man Arrested for Fighting After Losing Poker Game

One man ended up being a literal sore winner at Delaware Park Casino in Wilmington, Delaware.

That’s after Tavon White, 28, of Newark, Delaware, was arrested and booked on felony assault charges for beating an unnamed victim after losing at a poker game.

The victim received serious but non life-threatening injuries. He currently remains in a hospital. 

White is in custody at the local Howard R. Young Correctional Institution. His bail is set at $10,500.

There’s no word on how much White may have lost on the poker hand. But it can be assumed it wasn’t worth the ensuing fallout from starting a fight over it. 

The Fight 

Delaware Park Casino is on the outskirts of Wilmington, Delaware. As well as a substantial casino, it also hosts a horse racing track and a 16-hole golf course.

The casino itself recently debuted a $10 million refurbishment. The casino floor now includes more than 3,000 slots and 50 table games. 

Police were called to the venue at around 2:30 a.m. on Saturday morning, responding to reports of a fight on the casino floor.

When they arrived, they found White and the victim, separate and no longer fighting, but still in the casino.

Witnesses, including other poker players and staff, say that the two first started arguing when White lost at poker. After a physical confrontation, White was allegedly the first to start throwing hands. 

In the resulting scuffle, the two knocked over and damaged a casino poker table before being separated by security. 

The Charges 

Police arrested White inside the casino. He was booked that morning, and then charged with second-degree assault and criminal mischief at Justice of the Peace Court 11. 

Second-degree assault is a class C felony in Delaware. That could mean up to 30 days in jail and/or a $575 fine. 

He was also charged with criminal mischief, presumably for the damage to the casino’s poker table. This is only a class A misdemeanor in the state, so it is unlikely to result in extra jail time. 

Speaking of angry losers, this week a New York woman filed a lawsuit against Massachusetts-based online gambling operator DraftKings. The action came after losing out on a promo bet the sportsbook called “risk free”.

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