Daniel Sepiol Wins WSOP Event #24 for $305K

2023 World Poker Tour main event champion Daniel Sepiol can now add a World Series of Poker bracelet to his card- playing resume. 

The California resident won the WSOP #24 No Limit Hold ‘Em $1500 Shootout tournament at the Horseshoe Las Vegas on Sunday, taking home $305,849 for his efforts.

Shootout tournaments aren’t played in the usual Hold ‘Em structure. Instead, only the winner from each table goes through to a second round of tables, and then the 16 winners of those go through to the final table.

More than 1,530 players entered the three-day event, including several multiple WSOP bracelet winners. Sepiol went into the final day with just 1/17th of the chips of leader Robert Natividad. However he stayed cool and overcame the odds to make a dramatic comeback across the day. 

In the final heads up, Natividad was one card away from sealing his own first bracelet win. But Sepiol hit one of just three outs to complete a flush and stay in the game before cleaning up on the next hand.

“Feels amazing, man,” Sepiol said, speaking to WSOP.com. “I’ve been chasing a bracelet for years now.”

The Final Table

Sepiol went into the last day of the tournament in last place in terms of chips, despite winning two tables to get there. Runaway leader Natividad eliminated two players within the opening few hours of final table play, including two-time WSOP bracelet winner Scott Ball. 

By halfway through the day, Natividad was still in the lead. But Sepiol had pulled his way up the chip stack leaderboard. Even so, he entered the final heads up with 11,500,000 in chips against Natividad’s 27,000,000. 

However, a series of lucky flops and big bluffs helped Sepiol claw his way back to the point where everything rested on the final two hands. 

“It doesn’t feel good, especially when you just bluffed off your entire stack,” Sepiol said. 

“But I just kind of played my stack with what was in front of me, and just tried to make the best decisions going from there.”

The final hand saw Sepiol hit a pair of Queens on the flop, with Natividad’s pair of 7s leaving him needing a 10 on the turn or river for victory. It didn’t come through, leaving Sepiol to take the top prize and his first WSOP bracelet to boot. 

1Daniel SeipolU.S. $305,849
2Robert NatividadPhilippines$203,889
James DavidsonU.S. $148,196
4Jeremy AusmusU.S.$109,071
5Daniel StrelitzU.S.$81,928
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