Caitlin Clark vs. Stephen Curry at 2025 NBA All-Star Weekend In the Works

There is no bigger star in basketball right now than Caitlin Clark of Iowa. Not college vs. the NBA, not men vs. women. As just an overall star on the court, Clark is queen. And she’s the queen of basketball on television, too.

The Iowa rematch win over LSU in the Elite 8 on Monday was easily the most-watched women’s college basketball game in history, averaging 12.3 million viewers and peaking at 16 million. In comparison, the two men’s Elite 8 games that were played the day before on Sunday averaged 12.8 million viewers.

Clark is must-see TV, and the NBA and its stars recognize it. That is why we’re getting reports that next year during the NBA’s All-Star Weekend, we will see a featured three-point shooting competition between Clark and Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry.

A Redo of 2024

The NBA’s All-Star Weekend has lost much of its luster over the years, and this year’s festivities took a particular beating. The slam dunk competition was bad, and the actual game was worse.

But one event stood out — the three-point shooting competition between Curry and WNBA star Sabrina Ionescu. The New York Liberty star broke the single-season record for most made threes last year, and she nearly beat Curry, who is on his way to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame as the NBA’s most prolific three-point shooter of all-time.

The event was a huge success, and Ionescu was not nearly the household name that Clark is. A Part II of the shoot-out was talked about immediately after the All-Star Weekend in February, and now the reports are that it will expand to two-on-two. Clark and Ionescu vs. Curry and a yet-to-be named teammate, possibly Draymond Green.

The All-Star Weekend in 2025 is in San Francisco, Curry and Green are stars for Golden State, Ionescu is from the Bay Area, and already, before she’s even been drafted by the WNBA, Clark is at +1400 to win next year’s WNBA MVP award.

Those are the fourth-shortest odds on the board, and her presumed new team, the Indiana Fever, is -240 to qualify for the playoffs. Their last playoff appearance was 2016, which was also the last time they finished at .500 or above.

Clark a Bettor’s Boon

People love to watch Clark, and they also love to bet on her. In Monday’s incredible 41-point, 12-assist performance, BetMGM reported that it was the most-bet women’s sporting event in the sportsbook’s history. It was also the most-bet event on Monday, beating the NBA, NHL, and MLB.

FanDuel reported that they took in 28% more on bets on this year’s Iowa vs. LSU Elite 8 matchup than they did last year, when the two teams met in the title game.

Clark is also cashing in tickets on prop bets. On Monday, more than 70% of bets on Clark were for her to go over on points, three-pointers, rebounds, and assists. She hit the over on all of them.

In the Ionescu vs. Curry three-point competition, Curry was -215 to win, which he did by a narrow three points. And as Ionescu said at the time, “If you can shoot, you can shoot.”

Ionescu is the WNBA’s best three-point shooter, and last month, Clark broke the record for most made threes in a college career, a mark previously held by Curry. On Monday, she set the record for most made threes in the NCAA Tournament.

These ladies can shoot, and if we get to see a two-on-two matchup between them, Curry, and the teammate of his choice, we’ll all end up as winners.

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