Accused Nevada Casino Robber in Jail Fight Has Extra Felony Added to Charges 

This week, a Nevada man in jail awaiting charges relating to the robbery of the COD Casino north of Las Vegas has had an extra felony charge added to his rap sheet.

The charge came after a fight on New Year’s Eve 2023, in which Chase Aaron Henderson, 34, punched fellow inmate Jessie James Avaloas. The assault caused the victim significant but not severe injuries. 

The assault charge has been added to Henderson’s list of priors. Most recently, that has included charges of robbery, kidnapping, attempted murder, and assault on a police officer with a deadly weapon.

Henderson and his co-defendant, Andrew Scott Toomey, are awaiting trial for the above charges relating to the 2023 casino robbery. 

The Robbery

Prosecutors say the pair robbed the COD Casino in Minden, Nevada, in July 2023. Two robbers held up the casino at 4:57 a.m., bundling overnight staff into a single room at gunpoint.

Some $40,000 was stolen from the casino cage before the thieves made a getaway in a stolen white and blue PT Cruiser. 

A Douglas County deputy spotted the not-inconspicuous car after 911 reports came in from casino staff within minutes of the robber’s departure.

Upon stopping the car, two men, believed to be Henderson and Toomey, fired at the officer, hitting his police vehicle three times. The two fled on foot, but were apprehended that morning just a mile from the casino. 

The Charges

Henderson and Toomey are set to face trial in September. 

Henderson’s bail charge was set at $3 million and Toomey at $1.67 million. Even if he did reach his bail, which seems unlikely, it has very strict conditions imposed on it by the U.S. Marshal’s service. 

Both men have extensive criminal histories, and were on parole at the time of their arrest after the alleged robbery. 

Henderson had only been on limited release from prison for four months, after a previous three-year conviction for armed robbery. 

Attempted murder with a deadly weapon and against a police officer, as well as the existing charges, could well see Henderson spend 60 years in prison. By which time he’ll be 91, if he is still alive.

At that point, an extra possible six years for assaulting a fellow inmate is not much of a deterrent. Henderson was also charged with drug possession in a prison, but that was dropped after admitting to the assault charge.

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